Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy July 4 Weekend

Happy Independence Day! This summer is flying by. My latest obsession is using coupons to get free products. There are some really terrific sites that give you the ins and outs of using coupons to your advantage. I'm also watching ads on the internet for cash. I won't get rich at it, but when I have a free minute, why not make .50 here and there? This weekend my hubby is ripping out a wall in the hallway and installing a very much needed pocket door for our tiny bathroom. While he's knocking things out, I'm taking the kidlet to see Ice Age in 3D.

Friday, May 8, 2009

ZNE Art and Paperie in Pleasanton, CA

I am just recovering from a glorious five plus days of art fun in Pleasanton. First I had two lovely out of state house guests staying for the Paperie, Jill and Melissa, who put up with our chaotic small household. Wednesday evening M and I picked up J from Bart and rushed to the Gallerie for opening night with the awesomely talented Jon Troast performing. Chelise Stroud Hery had wonderful goodie bags and golf ball sized truffels for everyone who attended. On Thursday J and I took Lisa Kettel's Theature class and had a blast making little clay doll heads and turning a box into a colorful treasure. I never laughed so much in my life! M took soldier and jewelry classes with other wonderful teachers - we could wave to each other from across the room and see what everyone else was working on! How hard to choose. On Friday it was Iva Wilcox's Fairy Lamp class! No one believes that this gorgeous lantern was once an oatmeal box!!! Iva is an extraordinary artist and teacher and put together a kit of the finest crafting materials repro photos, German dresden trims and the most fabulous metallic crepe paper - everyone's project was truly a work of breath taking art! Friday was a dinner with wonderful speakers and I totally lost it with giggle fits from being so overwelmed and tired. Saturday and Sunday we sold at the most wonderful vendor faire - The ZNE Art and Paperie. It was Quality and Quantity all in one location. I was able to purchase five Copic markers for a bargain $20! and some lovely scrap from Chel's booth. Chel really knows how to put on an event. Though the economy and swine flu scare kept many out of state attendees away, those who were there had a blast! I met new and old friends and hope to see them again next year!